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PART III (1887-1898)

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Letterbook, LM-211

This letterbook covers the period July 1894-Februaiy 1896. Most of the correspondence is by Walter S. Mallory, vice-president of the company; William S. Perry, secretary and treasurer; John F. Randolph, successor to Perry; and John P. Walsh, sales agent for sand. The letters deal mainly with stock transactions, personnel matters, property insurance, equipment, supplies, and sand orders. There are also letters describing operations at the Ogden works, briquette production, and product performance. A ten-page progress report from Mallory to James C. Parrish (pp. 729-738) ends with a prediction that "we will be able to turn out product at a very considerable profit, and fully realize all we have expected." Other letters pertain to tax assessments, the market price of General Electric securities, and Edison’s attempt to interest German investors in the company. One letter concerns a sprained ankle suffered by Edison. The spine is stamped "10" and is labeled "From July 5, 1894 To Aug 24, 1895." The book contains 1002 numbered pages and an index. Approximately 10 percent of the book has been filmed. The letters near the end of the book are written in very faint green ink and may be difficult to read.

July 6, 1894,

My dear Mallory

Notiiing doing here. Business at the Stock Exchange is dead. Are now waiting for a settlement of the strike at Chicago. Your Governor out there seem3 t o be a daisy.

We tried to get you this morning at 11 o'clock over the wire but was told by Dover that die wire was down.

I wrote yesterday to Hums tone, Sup t o f Telegraphs, enclosing a cop;y of a letter which vw> got from the Tel, Co., asking him vmat he was going to a<o in the matter as we were paying .him rental for tiie pole line. I will probably get an answer fr<om him to.-day oir to -morrow on the subject.

Requisition 5646, JuneSOth from the Works calling for Belt hooks was raoeived/and this morning we got. the enclosed letter fro i banning M, & Moore iri relation to it. Will you kindly see why they di d not put on the resuislt.ion the width of the hooks needed? I notice in orders we received for belt hooks previously that they always stated the width. If you will kindly get that - -.<t ton e: i s end G own to me I will order ih.fim. Also return i

Foundry Machini

* asking us for

«|r four months

us xor oi|r four months note wirth

iA‘'a Mdea’ d*t“‘ "»• W* ...... of

“r *• - *- «. w

>' n0t’ t0“Settle Wlttl them the Pulleys had been run and

*ha* you would let . us Know. They iff ^ anxlous tQ hw# tJ-

n ote by th a >0th . Are. Vou ~ady t o ^e 4 ora,4 > . / - -




V'o 5 .Hall or. y Kaq ,

Enclosed Please find our four months note dated K

JU‘K i0th'°r"Wn t0 W'dor of Seaoiona Foundry Company for

S1,57S‘33* WUl y°U ktn^' «0t Mr. Edison to countersign the sa and return'? I also bb4 you a 00py of . lett9r vhiah , hwe

just received from the Acne Coal Co,, of Philadelphia. They h been writing and talking about gas slack coal for some time and 80 U 609013 t0 b" aheap and th** 39-v Jus* ^ good,, i don't knor

but uhat it would be well m , i

well to t.rj a carload. Kindly let

from you on the subject.

for §5,000 will be in down exactly how I wish

$1,250 to Danville; 800 Freight ;

200 to Elliott i

§800 to Sessions Foundry Co 450 Royalties *

% s 250 to paying May bills aa far i ranium of the Tax Bill for ourWorki

The assessed valix

is §125.000 and



July 26, 1894,

f*? Kdlawi> "<*ld say that several years

7 ’AX‘ -,“- ,U‘' ' President or the Sussex County Iron Co.,

oi’ What you v n.. . o

'P r * 1,0 ®et Assessors to put it im

ai° vaLuatlw»* Hp« telling them that wo owned it

** ftt th- "" tlrM 1 tod 8 tft\* one of the Assessors and would save trouble to June the Coplay put in on the same valuation and since 1390 neither the Coplay Iron Co., or ouraelves imvo h.*u any tax bills for that Company so it is to be presume that . w Mao baa lumped and is included in the $125,000 Assessment . these two Companies with the Ogden Co. are the •l> t.nrO'„ taat we ate interested in up there,

1 -note 7/tat you say with regards sand and trust you win got a chanca to toko the question up with MrjSdioon before long. During the pact year we have not hud a good article to sell but could have sold much more than we have if orders had been properly attended to up there. I settled with Sandford Clark & Co., tor that car of sand that Matt Qonley loaded by giving them the sand.


they pay trip the .freight, and

beg to onolooe you tha bill


iandi’ord Clark &


and which I

believe you

to have Conley




Enclosed pi ease find three mileage book£Jj t„ Qn { *»nd one on the D.L.& W, each focr 1,000 miles. The »4*& W. and one of the M.J .central are made out in the Compen^s nans; the other Central is made out to your

Your favors of Aug, 3rd. are at h*d. With regards the ohm res t o be made against Sessions Foundry co», r bog to advise you that we charged them $01.50 on your letters made up , Jbllows : Your letter of June ,7th stated that you h:d planed six 12" magnets and that you would hw other ctarges against tlienij the six 13" magnets amounting to $7,50,

Your letter of July 19th stated that you hai planed

ibur 22 magnets and 49 8" magnets, the bill amounting to $54. 0C

Poral $61.50 It this is <■ ,

9 J“ H WM* charge. will you kindly let

“c know and we will make the


on dynanoE , That noma week 8 or month

Mr .Gilmore had asked him for prices and the Executive Officers

Comp m y ■•.ad told him at, 'that time to quote Mr .Edison at

to say that he

ion for seeing me

exactly cost,

'igurrss they could give that ire would get


i-cond hand Edison -machines

lew machine i

numbers that he has not quoted on

’lie diff!


.) >- make at the samo rate as the ones he quoted to

Yours very truly



150,000 increase

ch eck


wha t


lind for dhe next



the c oilman t a


ost that you

►ted and things

future time you

on June i

id the various small items that

joining up ,

:h of this month I will need $3,000.

1 phoned C onlay to-day in relation to the suits whio

not been able to get postponed - we will have to

2d.n esday morning Mr. Conley, Dan Smith, T, It. Smith

Qeo. Mo.Entoe arid Milton Peck also T„K .Smith is to bring down his

pay-roll bt


books he

call ed

during the

1 astt suits to produce, also the model of the slot


t o be ready

ling. Mew all this is subject to being changed if

find out that the case will not be called


before Thursday.' 1 will telephone' you to-morrow if there is any

agreed to take your testimony and Mr,

change. Tho lawyer!


will have to come down.


Yours very


Uov . 13, 1894,

reduo ad to

sducijd valuation, but at the end

'Speoial achool

;173 which brings the bill up 'to \vi!thin §175 of what it was, last

analy §1,118

Do yo’u know up there

ial school tax ii

t kindly lei

know and

the Corami!

Smith telephoned thi a morn in»g that

Mutual Insurance C<

Board of Trade Bldg,


bothered with them a^ain

.!) ink

Lukens lion & Steel

find a nov

kindly tear



Ja a. IX, 189B .

My dear Mallory 5 -

Enaloaea pi 0 a 30 find a letter from Mr.Mc.Kenaiie' Shiah I reed to you over the phone. 1 feel that I have male a great mistake d<ur ilrg t±a past two years in not finding Out about your knowledge of the general Elaotrio Go,, 1 might have mode- some wo nay if I know you were in any such posistioju bo let im> know nhat you writs thas nun and fileo> any tip which jo® Chink is rod hot.

Enclosed please find a list of the p&Op&e who horw aooopted the notes so far. You Wilt that ihbi .Pelham

Hod Elevating Co., is one of thpi, I d<oh,t fchdhk the ft! are any of the others hut what will do so. IStosTt Vf thPat iiaV’& a^rtJamants. with use but wj have hardly hfld tltfife -Jrai Vogfct fob £ipts ffeift them wlfth the exception of 'Wood, but tffe hW^QL-^r dvVi' gtft d Pb6&S&V from him inside of a mofath*

Jan. 23, 1895>.

J . L . Smith E m . ,

40 West Broadway, N.Y.

Dear Sir

Your favor of the 22nd with clipping of the 'notice o Hathaway's death enclosed. He was a nice old fellow and! I remember him with a great deal of kindness.

I heard from Gardner this morning. He is now in the City of Mexico. He expected to' have started his parlor .there Saturday last and hopes to do very well.

ro very t ruly ,



jsUiett ?.sq

a adelphta,

taco that

Tn an 3 we r to your favor

Works :but Ur .’Edison 13

Mr .Wall or? is there until Friday afternoon next'


.■one Lan

v nr of Pab ,19th isa. at hand. In ,ans*ar would ;d\ Mr.P.dison and that you can have the right of ’operty subject to our surveyor placing the line l»st to strike out- mill, on the sane conditions ntral nave them, namely, we allot# them to uae subject to our Company.

sards the Hopewell Pond water right Mr tHdisont - receive a proposition from you whan you haVe •;u wan >._ba.fpre deciding tut we are ready to tao nab la proposition that you would make, as at need it and may never.

You rs very tr ul y.

pa tar son


* “co"‘u" HU.*- Be

v *>“ re“"d° o.,w ,m *»«« «« - “"at

y<„ tr.4. -it" P ^ t„«s ».« t. » »*“ **

Hi 3*i» »<“ lf theJ d„ *<»»- «° ~ lW

.., iU have to ao robabilitioB an »*

which yew

!“• tte »«>“’

--“’and’a - atheUslmt.-^».

^ ■** a»eh * - . ttt, ^ ... «

TrtU i»w»ratawl »hat ^Qip“r . ^ ^ ^ iojl»t think I °oUll3L

although *»* V,U6 * **-ma°* *** 1 d°n’

*pi*t that *wv *‘V ' VJ

_ .^4 iv ka ci^^rtT1 ^

* ,w w w ,ia, >■»».« «• *”•** ~


tnai say

a l-i on!

!3tane&s jeopardize

wao-k I fancy will d<

ci nrnen;

the present mourn

ituc h

.should, d

: orapa.n y


March 12, 139-8 , phia, ?a .

1 hav.; just heard thi3 morning from Mr. Mallory n relation to your inquiry for ore. He says that issan ointments *'3 have be en having for the past it ia best for us not to negotiate; or state arty 131 be in the market to sell ore. When wo are glad to couinunioate with yow. and see what c an bo

March 14, 1895.

a vc just receive d a message from Smith that you wi 1 e Works on Saturday. I ha/e ba an figuring for the days with a Mr .11 .Livingston Rogers. Mr. Edisom reman bar him if you speak to him about it, as his 3ing him was that he was the best example of l he had ever seen, The man himself is a bar's hxfc i connections and a good deul of moroy . lie is ie Ore Milling and ha been for .the pa 3t ten years at me to take him up to the Y/or-ks; and T ha/e agree ay. He is to lot me know to-morrow whether he can ease he goes I will go up, but otherwise as you and :>th away X don't think I will go. The two or three ave to draw tins month I will take rap nmxt week . s just received a letter from Elliott and he tolls have t o jay ..the vg rdl c t a on the Three cases tried week, -by Wedn esday. 3ure . That he can't tell me the the costs as yet wit that the judgments v/iifch the ,t to about $1,385,00 It may be $5. or 510'more or will hftri to be paid by next Wednesday X think you arrangements to let ms ha/e a#chmck on that day e is to write me so r can gpt the letter on Mondw t amount, but as $1,385 corves within $10 of it you ire that amount . ' . '

3 what Mr .Edison says about signing a lease-; for ha/e got to answer them the first pf noxt week, as g their offices hero now quite freely. Been* in this that we have to have an office in the city of ere for the Hew York Co., and also foi’ the Ore t we are really gsttirg a pretty cheap rent fbr I should only make tha lease', if Mr. Edison is 3 year. They ha/ e agreed to that instead of the , sa as we made before. Let me hear from you, if

Enclosed please find our check for §47.:|g for thw anoint of your bill which we had on our January accounts.

I am also in receipt of your letter to Mr.Edisom, Presides; of the company, with copies of the different let terra that want between you and Mr. Edison. I am very much surprised at you drawing a draft on Mr, Edison porsomlly. We have certairiLy had onoygh busi ness to warrant your knowing that the office of the

Company 13 in Haw York, and that Mr .Edison personally had noth: to do with paying drafts. I will admit that we are behind hanc hi our payments. The account should hare teen settle ont

but owing to certain circumstances here I have been d* JUS

any letter sent to me here would have been answered ant explanatihri 1 think leave toon satisfactory to you.

5J April 3* 1395.

Your tela phono message of th is morning stating /on will be shut dorm at the Works for tan days, ia ait hard an vi.U corrmunicnte with Capt , Rodgers. and not go up, I probcbly will- not go up myself unless T hear from you to the contrary. I t t rust the shutting dovrn for ten days doa isn't mean that; you? Java; 3truck any bad bug,. Let me hear from you vhat the trouble is.

I non beg to enclose you memorandum of the money that to vi.ll neech throurfa. th.ia month with the exception of the pa.y-rolli tfiich I-did^Tiot know as yet what that will be. I sl-all wait r3, OOO for notes on the 17th; the balance we could ran along anoth er week or pay towards the last of the month. If we are go ing tc pay the men on the 20th, kindly include the amount for them in your check that you sand for the notes on the 17th.

I also send you a memorandum of the notes and open aocounts as they appear on our books on April 1st . To be deducto from that remember there is $4,300 of no ter 3 which I received a check for this morning and $100 for the JanuaiV' accounts. Both these- items should bo deducted from the total of $27,000.

J am in fjwsipt or your -letter of to-day . I note dial' you say about paying the men on fcho 20th . I shall eopec t fro to you a oheck on the 17th for #3,000 fo r notes due on the 18th plus the pay-roll. Do not forget that over and above the amount as it appears on your books that there is $500 to Mr.Conlay, $208 for- Mr .Goodfellow and §156. 6S for Mr, Badger. Of course if it is any advantage to yom.aend me a check for $300 on the 17th for the> notes due the 18th and send m a check on the 18th for the pa,y-roll .

The balance of the i

be pa id lat er in

I have receive! this morning a telephone naanage from Mr, Grant stating that his letter to t'.r tHdisoa was fjo ing of f to-day so- you will gat it on the train to -uiorr-o w afternoons On receipt of it if-you will telephone me Monda.y 1 will notify Mr.Ouant that J want :to deliver the .50 shares of stock to him say on the 15th am will iiave certificate dra m and send it up for Mr, Hells oil's signa- tih1?, and .you can return it eo that $3,rf00 9f the., amount wa vriin

r;-.~ ill. at. hand, 1 rote, what you zvix: ?.f, " o Mr.ihvintt tmd am rat ho r sorry that ■;a r hr? d\i . I think that" if a man wants any i:v- ! <v to tail h. ini right cm th-.e head

•> v;.5 Jihoi.-.U! I-..VI have- had his .§5,000 to go- the ••ioxh cions;; that we natter ic all fixed or not, but Guantt called m* vp r. «a .v.i to that effect and I t old him I would' days part of tho month I would call on

uM y-v e hub iy he the first part, ay .vi th regards the money. I shall want 2*, 050 fo»* .-x, tar. , 8 200 for Pill ire & Crate and tho r. on the 27-iii 1 atoll want $3,000 more as' ht and telephone, office rent, Elliott, Eebi-uat-y accounts and sundries, and if tns first of May I shall call on Mr. Quant hi on I think will take care of the notes due:

mot'.*..-'. « t have been particular in the: od ..being $225 more- than you say, 03 I have down to such an extent that I c mnofc afltoaKl s even to tho extent of *250. to get you on the phone this' morn i ng but T ha-o seen Walter Cutting 3inoa and ta :ut. there and thatt the Direct ora pa3s.ed ell \r .Edison wanted . He also tells ice that he ; -would go op to the Works: on the 20th,

’sn ail the resolutions that we want there on

call you -up on the phone: this afternoon, if to -morrow what I have he ard lie re to-day.

Yours very truly,

W.S. Mai lory "Ean

Edison , N.C.,

Dear Sir : - '

Enclosed ploase find s tatemont for March Slot, of thffi H.J.iS: Penna, Cone, Work^s; also Ed sends you to-day the freight bill for March, In my estimate to yam of monoy wante>d for the seme I estimated the freight as $750,00 (Freight & Telegraph). Instead of- that you will notice that I will need $1,060.00, consequently will you please correct the amount of money that I w.iUI need on thee 27th adding that different?® to the sane,

Enel osadi please find the Inoomt Tax return for the?

N.J.cb Penna. Cone. Works. Will you kindly, if it is satisfactory ha/e Mr .Edison sign the 3am® and have i‘t wit. rxrss ed by Smith as Notury Public, provided he lias notarial seal, and after signatures have boen obtained send the sam* to Johnny- Randolph add ask him to file the report with the Collector of Internal Revenue for the Oounty of Essex, N„Jt I have gone over- this pr-etty careful.

You will notice that I have not pat in Mrt,C6nley's name as drawing a salary of ovor $4,000 k yd'an I have gone over this with Mr. Baucias and he tells ms that -nab riot got to done aid neither ha-ve we got to put in the amount of money that w* spend for- construction other than the pay-roll, taxe-3 and r-oyaltie-s ditch you see are filled in,

Please tell MhsEdisidn that I have tifcde Out Income Tax yep Orta for the U .YsU-onceri bra t irig Works shoeing that «re have paid during the past yaar and that it whs all d.erivdd from time-

sal® -of the .cap ital Shook the ‘thimpany was doing no b-usi nsss3 other than, experimental, a.lao that in. the Edison bre. Milling Co., j hhCe unde otst the report that W6 sperit last year $825,00, that the Company has done no business other than experimental arid that the moitey wan spent for tuxe-S and office 'ejpbttsdbi

Yours very truly, M

//W -v

rf/ */ * ,•

T^tmiar :

April 22, 189.5.

<, Elliott J.r . ,

Paterson, K , j.,

5 ir : - .

At a Special. Mooting of tlief Directors held on Saturday 'ho Works- ,wa decided to mere the office to Orange from this /. I resigned as Treasurer to take effect on the first of May Mr.Rundoipn vas elected in my place. At the time vro moved i we notified soma Official either, in Albany or 6 hi®. County '.he- notification cams through our annual report, and now I iovs it is customary to notify some Official, that . 'ire are no ■nr doing Qua ineaa in the City of Now York. Will you look up natter and -rrite to the proper Official notifying that* to that set, or write a letter to be sent to thesrm and I will sign it as reaayy ... also a t the same time we notifying some Official whether Apftit or Mr. Steele t do not remembsr, that T was the proper so-n to serve papers on. Please have that cancelled. I have1 3poker. to Mr. Stools on the subject ns I have not seen him and T A you are til© proper perr.on to oo.rmi'lt with.

The ra was also a resolut io n passed at the meeting author?

(V. «n to tab* the proper ste-ps in relation- to havirg tiie By-Laws th ia Company changed so that the Directors shall bet increased f. ; ivc t:o seven. X find in looking over the By-Laws that the ; hi older s will' have to do that at a mee.-tirg but I write to youa ask you tc> kindly look over the By -Laws that arte .in the Minute k at Orange and write me if I am correct or notr and I will for- J year letter to Mr, Edison. If you will do these different :\.\a at vout* earliest convan is no o I w.i.11 be very much obligad.

AUaanod you ±"ina a portion of'th® stati ub out tfiiuit | spoke to you yesterday.' The statement, in f u" rfl-at we can rlo on different values of crude ores that ! irom 9* crude up to 33/ crude. t have selected the Zi%

5 83 b0ins 1088 than fiho »•*«•«• that, the .ore is sure to

r TOC‘lln#ry a11 ^ * capacity of 300 tons per

h0"r’’ 11 rUn tn>'e® 3hftf fcs oi' 0lCht *i°urs each, would make 7,201 tons crude per day. Wo. however, while we will try to make the full 24 hours, only figure to make 18 out of the 24 hours, leavio, si, hours for repairs, and fully expect to' average for 275 dayS-a

least 4,00, tohs per day. What th is would m.e us you CWl 3°* ^ tab19 att— - * a less number



;roatar number of toils than 4 , 000, the table will

handling so .large 'an amount

cover it we

is considerable

against about

.ttached about $175,000 per y

all , lab or; and, a3

allowance for wear

think that

880,000 of which av



eta 11a

leasing properties, gett:

l id i ni

Of the Capital

it all havii

pat ent



ounts by four

bring, the capacity

•nab Is

ilnimum output up to maximum


you by all means to bring your people to Edison to


Edi b on Build ing , N ,V , ,

Replying to yodrs of the < pleased to moat your party on Satan to go over the figures given you.

Regarding the list of com in '92. would say that the hulk of i' Iron Co. , Be this hor Pa, They gav

.Tould say that jvs wnnldi itt y. :xt, May sit TSaisdcs

shipped to Befi'ilsvThit

unit , mid w-3! ii&iapea

we learned from th; ; eyerie; only a small percent Yg* of it

ince wiC” tha fine ect ni anihiUifcsiH , ftb«*

; could he used to ad varies* 'in '*&» 1 i 3 larger quantities., it wool* W-®* •«**»'

furnace, as if they used it »n larger quant. i ties..**

THia .of eoui'Stt.liffii ted cur market so we decided ta put the

concentrotea into briquettes. -Vo «**<* «P severe ®?

briquettes anti shipped fciifeW .which were satisfaetW*,, chen decided to shut down. and build^V- plant , We tit& mow J'uht starting


rranged ,to ship, nothing but briquettes

We shipped

small' lots to several other parties but

-.e principal

sont to Bethlehem Iron Co,

That you may have plenty of tine at Edison on Sat la-day,

ouLd suggest that ycu leave New York on the 4 :00 .P ,M. Train

(O.L.A W,). You will arrive at Dover at 5:84 and then take th

Chester Branch of thei D.L,* W. which leaves Dover at 5:30 ami you-

will reach -Kenvil at 5:4,5* Write Mr. Vorti


that you Will arrive on trie Chester branch at 5:45 and he will

at the train with a team,



' Orange, N. J.

Va.y 1st, 1S9S.

Mesa. Sandfonl Clark 4 Co,,

Elizabeth, K.J.,

Dear1 Sirs

As yon* will note from our latter head, the General Office of this Company had been moved from Me* York to' Orange, N.J., also-, that I have been appointed Treasurer.

I find an the books charges against you for' sand amounting; to §33 ,91 as per enclosed statement , You will not® that the acc count runs back from Aug,94 to Jan;?5, andi I .am . very anxious to get all old accounts settled up. Will you kindly send me check for the amount as 3’tated,





Orange, N; J.

May 22, J8S5

Sand ford Clark & Co,,

TSlisatath , N,J„t $*** Sirs j-

Rcplying to yours of th a 16th I beg to say that we •v-5,7.,T jmko price same to you 'as on previous shipments. We herewith, •tsslose credit memo. We note your conments about the sand and y'o!;V.Vsay that the sand shipped you was the "regular run of the A.Ul" with out: any treatment. Our sahd house build! for screen¬ ing and. blowing -is all complete but the machinery is not in place. ft8 *ha* ever, hope to have it all completed in the; near future and then tel 11 be in position to ship you any -size or combination of *iss*« you may require, and entirely free from dust .

As soon as we are ready with our new sand will be glad to •‘.al.R ?.hs question of agency up with you, through Mr. Walsh or direct as nay- be. thought be3t»

Touts very truly,

lots : TftiW letter should Present.

-uve* been forwarded to you before -it was overlooked.


Ora mge. N.j.

11a y 28* 1895.

.Messrs. Pilling & Crane,

Philadelphia, Pa.

Dear Sirs : -

In looking i$> the matter of , sh ipmsnt s of concentrates- to Bethlehan Iron CO., I find that the shipments made in May, June and July of 1891, the charge was 8 1/2.C. per unit delivered.

JVom March 1892 to February 1893 all shipnents ware charged at •$u, per unit delivered. The assays on all shipments averaged about 65 to 66% iron and. from, 032 to,e38 phosphurouait We are interested to hear' what the market prices of other ores were da r tng this same period.

Yours very truly,

A/ '

■Tuns 10, 1395 ,

:g & Crane.

idelphia, Pa,


yours, of tha 7th,vhich

June 10, 1.895


’hiladelpiiia. Pa,

.oted yours of

7th fti'lly. regardirg your

;h Mr.Whartarr and he


O.tsh Wria witln


Yours very t mlj

w.s.sPiiiine Sw, o/o PJlliftfe-


29, 1855.

Secs ions Foundry CoJS

Bristol, Com,

Gentlemen :-

We he»>9 ,ja3.t telegraphed you “Have riot a single aomeyae wheal left arid 'if should br‘«u-,> any would bo .dampened to a 'hut mill down, Ship at least ir^rii; y by Express to-day whether .machined or r(ni* v If oast •• them. -of .e enuaoh iron.. Rush balance,.- anti here: " wh.»ait -«v now confirm,, Owing to the spokes ou the first lot of '<4Kf‘ls you evsde for ijs being thin in plus es, vw are breaking a S«>M '-.any of tiiepr wheels , and our conveyors ar e .so arranged th;

. It*- tV-wj Cr.v!>.u«, "

if tw wheels - for^kjWre adjo unable to rur. it. you h w e -now had tb is nr-Jer e in 99 this SOth of June an.d «re do not understand why y should two been so 'imjr. in filling it:. We must have these wh«- end* as stated .i'n our tolnffrasli, if you cannot -nuke them of -abtfrev; iron.'K want you tto cast- at least 50 to 100 ordinary iron &.\ d v; thin forward without delay. If th« boring 'and facing 'O'.vt:..

J.elay ■.• our 'Shipment any, let them qome sroon as cast and ve iff do - machine work on them, Whatever number you si v- ' of <u

to duplicate of. the charooal iron v/ith


tia chilled rim-.v

sk that you take the matter right up and co,

ir wheels without further delay, aa you can s lerious matter for us to be compelled to sin

plate both oniei

it would be

our plant down for the want of a few wheels.

If for any reason you cannot make immediate shipment pleas advise us so that wa tW arrange to get seme wheels elsewhere.

Yours very truly,

Philadelphia, Pi

Replying t'o youra of the 25th, in which you ask

our Briquettfes, we beg- to1

iave not trade any Briquettes. and consequently

have made